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Nicked from chaoselemental [Jul. 6th, 2006|09:37 am]
Pagan Networking and Discussion


Rune info:

I have come across, in my viking research, a rune which I hadn't ever seen before. It is from the Northumbrian runeset (c.800CE, somewhat later than other runesets), and equates to the letter 'Q' - it is called cweorth (pronunciation unknown; medieval equivalent "quaitra"). I've seen at least two different ways to draw it, so it seems to be in dispute. The meaning, however, is what caught my attention:

"Cweorth signifies the ascending, swirling flames of ritual fire. This can be the celebratory bonfire, the supplicating need-fire, or the fire of the funeral pyre. Whichever fire is meant, Cweorth embodies the concept of ritual cleansing by means of fire. All fires are a microcosmic reflection of the sacred hearth."

Another source identified it with the Sumbol, the ceremonial gathering around a ritual fire to drink to your deeds and your ancestors. Unanimously, every source I have found references purifying, ritual fire. Kaunaz represents the physical, useful aspect of fire. Cweorth is specifically the spiritual aspect.


[User Picture]From: mimerki
2006-07-06 04:56 pm (UTC)
*falls over twitching*

Cweorth doesn't appear in any of the rune-poems. As such, saying it represents much of anything, especially something as vague as "ritual fire," is highly problematic.
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