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pagan_planning's Journal

Pagan Networking and Discussion
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This is a place a place where pagans can meet other pagans, plan events, discuss their faith, and make whatever else they wish of this place. I would like it to evolve into a place where people can discuss religion, but not in a bash-the-dominant-faith kinda way.

Haters will be kicked and salted.
Moderators who are handy with a salt shaker will be considered.

It will be membership only for now, since there are some who exist in the blogsphere to troll the pagans (given, some pagans troll them right back).

There is a much larger community, seattlepagan, but it's a much larger, and this may turn into a smaller, more intimate alternative.

*There are too many definitions for pagan to leave it without SOME explanation. Pagans CAN be Witches, or Wiccans, or Druids, or Athiests, or Agnostics, or Flying SpagettiMonsterists or all of the above. It would actually make a decent starting discussion to define what a Pagan "is". However, the community will likely end up centered around more wiccan/druidic rites etc, since that's the base it will be pulling from. But ya never know.